An introduction to the owner

I'm Hayley, - originally born in Cheshire, before relocating to Northamptonshire in 2010. I started my Early Years journey back in 2003 when my eldest daughter was born, as I couldn't find suitable childcare for her whilst I worked. In 2003 I registered to become a childminder and soon fell in love with the unexpected profession I had found. Once my eldest started her nursery funded hours in 2006 of course I followed her, working as a nursery assistant in the same nursery whilst working part time as a childminder. I slowly worked my way up the ladder becoming a Nursery Nurse gaining my level 4 in Childcare Learning and Development and eventually became Nursery Mananger of the phase 1 Children's Centre Nursery in 2008.

In 2010 due to my husbands work we needed to relocate, which brings us to our now Journey. From 2010 until 2016 I managed a large 108 place nursery in Milton Keynes however, I had another baby girl in 2012 which again spurred me to change direction. 3 years ago we managed to secure old buildings in a local village and transformed it into a beautiful nursery and now we have secured your old Baptist Church, a beautiful building where I can create another loving & stimulating environment enabling our children to Learn Share and Grown .